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ACLS Certification Online

It is very essential for us health professional to obtain out advanced cardiac life support accreditation to keep our knowledge and skills updated. However, how can we keep our selves updated with the latest trends in health industry when we are working full-time. Good thing that there are already online courses offered to get ACLS certification, but there are only few reputable online organizations offering ACLS accreditation. If you need ACLS certification online, you may consider to take program from Health Education Solutions that offer certification and re-certification in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) that is affordable and convenient. They focuses on making your online course more enjoyable through offering modules that is simple and easy to understand. Their interactive learning environment and video resources will help you better understand the whole concept both CPR and First Aid, all completely online!

One of the biggest advantage of taking courses online is that you have full control of your schedule and time. This means that you get to study at your own pace whenever you have time available, and without sacrificing your day job, compare to traditional classroom style where you need to report to your respected classroom, attend lectures as well as simulations.

Before you will receive an ACLS certification, you need to take an exam. The examination is composed of 75 multiple-choice questions, and this covers concepts of ACLS. Basically everything that was being discussed in you modules will come up on the examination to test your knowledge and skills. The examination is composed of written and clinical skills examination. The passing score for the written examination is 84% and you also need to complete the clinical skills inventory. Clinical skills examination includes performing CPR or chest compression, ventilation on a dummy that would tell you that you did the procedure correctly.

About Health Education Solutions 
Health Education Solutions (HES) is the leading provider of online healthcare certification, and our offerings include PALS and ACLS certification/recertification and basic life support (BLS) courses. Our certification process is simple, and your test results are immediate. And, if you need to brush up on the material before taking the full exams, we also offer practice PALS and ACLS tests to help you prepare for the real thing.

Number of Necessary Nurses Dwindling

Brown Mackie College - Retiring Nurses Create Hiring Opportunities

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Seven Natural Upper Body Supplements To Help Get Toned

Toning your body is different than body building. Although you are trying to build some muscle, you are also trying to get rid of the fat around it. You are not going for the big, bulky look, just a healthy toned body. There are natural supplements that can help you achieve your goal and can be a big help when you find yourself at a plateau.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables. It is a very good supplement if you are trying to tone and define the muscles in your arms. It is one of the nutrients needed to produce collagen that will build bones and muscle tissue.

 Fish Oil

The omega-3s found in fish oil should be considered a secret weapon for toning muscles. It increases the flow of blood to your muscles, thereby decreasing the amount of proteins that are destroyed in the tissue. You will not need to rebuild the muscles as much.


Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for bone and muscle growth. It helps your muscles contract and extend, the movements needed for any type of weight lifting. Without calcium, you would not be able to exercise for more than a few minutes without becoming sore or tired.


This mineral is important for keeping your heart pumping blood and fresh oxygen to the muscles. This helps with the production of muscle tissue. It will reduce muscle soreness and cramps, allowing you to work out longer and harder.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, biotin, cobalamin and pyridoxine are very important to muscle production and protein metabolism. You will also tone more readily as they help break down fats and carbohydrates. Getting rid of extra fat around your muscles will improve their overall tone.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is needed for almost everything your muscles do. It is needed for muscle movement, contraction, growth and strength. Because it is also needed for healthy bones, you should make sure you get enough of this vitamin or your skeletal muscles will suffer and atrophy.

Vitamin E

When it comes to helping remove lactic acid, Vitamin E is your best friend. When you exercise for any length of time, you will have a build-up of it that needs to be removed in order for your muscle to recover properly. 

While it is possible to get most of these nutrients in the foods you eat, you are not going to be eating enough to help compensate for the exercising you are doing. Supplements and diet is not enough to build strong, healthy well-toned muscles. The more you exercise, the more you need to make sure you have the proper ingredients to rebuild the muscle tissue that gets damaged or torn from exercise. Find a good source for your supplements; do not just pick up a multi-vitamin and think you have things covered. Check the labels and make sure there are no added ingredients that do not serve any purpose. It is best to take individual supplements of the nutrients you need most.

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Unilever PLC Scam

Unilever PLC Scam is the latest online scam that victimizes applicants all over the world offering jobs purportedly from Unilever PLC. These scammers have a lot of job posting all over the internet. I almost fall into the hands of these scammers after applying online.

Here are some of the jobs being offered:

Product Development Technologist, Production Manager, Business Development Manager, Field Sales Executive, Food Development Chef, Junior and Senior Food Safety Specialist, Accounts Payable Assistant, Manufacturing Technician, Occupational Health Advisor, Repack Planner, Team Assistant/PA, Customer Service Manager, Customer Service, Communications Specialist, Reward Data Analyst, Warehouse Manager (FMCG), Storekeeper, Plant Engineer, Technician Assistant (Behaviour Science), Technician, Supply Chain Project Manager, Supply Chain Term Members, Creative Artworker, Manufacturing Technical Operators, Training Co-ordinator, Experienced ChemInformatician/Informatician, Specification Administrator, Administrator, Information Coordinator, Assembly Line Assistant Manager (FMCG), Toxicologist, Stock Integrity Controller, Analytical Chemist, Engineering Maintenance Technician, Warehouse Operators, Process Chemical Engineer, Packaging Designer, Biological Scientists, SAP Administrator, Specification Administrator, Business Intelligence Architect, Microbiology Technician, HSE Officer/Advisor, Maintenance Planner, Business Analyst, Administration Supervisor, Financial Analyst, Materials Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator/Expert, Medical Officer/Nurse/Doctor, Sales/Marketing Officers, Secretary/Office Assistant/Office Clerk, Quality Control Officer, International Language Translator, Account/Finance Officer, Sales/Marketing Manager, Cleaners, Security Personnel, Internet Service Expert.

The attracting part of their offer is the whooping net salary which ranges from £2,800 – £20,000 (GBP) monthly depending on job position and level of experience. Not only that, accepted applicants would also get to enjoy other employment benefits including Medical Treatment, Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Personal Life and Accident Insurance and other company's employee incentives and bonuses. Also included are feeding and low scheme accommodation.

I applied online last Janaury 23, 2013 for the position of Nurse for Unilever PLC. Here is the complete email I got from them after the submission of my application:

Thank you for applying. Following the recruitment exercise of workers/staff personnel here at Unilever PLC (UK). This is to officially confirm the receipt of your application for a possible job placement here at Unilever PLC (UK). After close examination of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae with reference to your work experience, the Management of Unilever PLC (UK) are considering having you as one of our members of staff. Attached herewith is an Online Assessment/Interview Form containing some questions which the management would like you to answer. We will like to you carefully go through this form and provide us with the answers to each of the questions stated therein to the best of your knowledge.

On receipt of your completed Assessment/Interview Form, we shall furnish you with more information as regards your job application. The screening and scrutiny of your Resume/Curriculum Vitae which you submitted to us and other verification procedures will be carried out and as soon as we are able to resolve the status of your application, we shall contact you if your job application is successful.

Then on the following day, I received a response from them telling me that the recruitment team was satisfied with my answers and that they were currently conducting background checks and investigations on me. Here is the complete email i received after completing the assessment form:

We have received your response to our questions sent to you in our previous email. The management of Unilever PLC found your answers satisfactory. Unilever PLC has conducted background investigations and reference checks on you. Upon a clearance of your background investigation and reference check which are satisfactory to us.  You have shown us that you are competent and capable of delivery quality service here at Unilever PLC. The management of Unilever PLC will like to use this medium to inform you that you have been accepted and offered a job placement here at Unilever PLC. Although, We received thousands of applications from thousands of qualified candidates, but your credentials really stood out and compelled us to pick you. This is an affirmation that your experiences and qualifications were found suitably qualified for the requirements of Unilever PLC. If at any time prior to your joining us, any report is received by us which we consider to be unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer of employment.

Attached is a copy of your Statement of Terms and Conditions/Contract of Employment. We would be grateful if you would return to us a signed copy of your Statement of Terms and Conditions/Contract of Employment. A hard copy of your Statement of Terms and Conditions/Contract of Employment will be posted to you separately when we have concluded all employment process. If you have any queries regarding this, please indicate these on the relevant sections on the document and return it to us as soon as possible so that we may discuss and resolve these prior to you joining us. 

To accept the Company’s offer, please sign and date this letter in the space provided. This letter, along with any agreements relating to proprietary rights between you and Unilever PLC, set forth the terms of your employment with the Company and supersede any prior representations or agreements including, but not limited to, any representations made during your recruitment, pre employment negotiations, whether written or oral. This letter, including, but not limited to, its at-will employment provision, may not be modified or amended except by a written agreement signed by the President of the Company and you.

As soon as we receive your signed contract, we will provide you with all other information as regards this employment that you will need to enable you proceed to London to resume your duties. However, we will also provide you with details of how to secure an accommodation here at our staff quarters in our next email.

After seeing the contract that was sent to me through attachment, I got very excited...who would not, I have been dreaming of landing a job abroad. So I fill up the contract signed and then forwarded it to them on the same day. In the contract it was indicated that I will be commenced working on April 14, 2013. So I emailed them and ask if they could provide visa assistance. Here is there reply after forwarding the scanned and signed contract.

Thank you for accepting our job offered to you. For purposes of federal immigration law, you will be required to obtain documentary evidence of your identity and eligibility to work here in the United Kingdom. You will be required to obtain proof of right to work here in the United Kingdom. Such documentation must be obtained before your date of job commencement, or our employment relationship with you may be terminated. However, we have contacted our Immigration Consultant regarding the processing of your Immigration Documents before your job commencement period. 

You are to bear some of your travel documents processing expenses upfront. While the management of Unilever PLC will bear the cost of your Visa and flight ticket as this policy is in accordance with the amendment to the Immigration, Asylum, and Nationality Act 2006, effective from 29 February 2008 which clearly stated that all employee seeking to work in the United Kingdom who are currently Non-Resident in the United Kingdom are required to provide proof of the Right to Work in the United Kingdom. This means that the processing of supporting immigration documents are the sole responsibility of the employee.

On this note, we have contacted our immigration consultant to provide you with information regarding the processing of your required immigration documents. We have also sent them copies of your sponsorship letter that we have obtain from the immigration service as this will facilitate the processing of your immigration documents here at the office of the UK Border Agency. We also want you to understand that due to the time limit to your resumption date and the difficulty faced in the past by our employee at the British Embassy in their country when trying to obtained a working visa, All required immigration documents would be process here in London at the office of the UK Border Agency. You are to contact our immigration consultant as to enable them assist as well as solicit on your behalf to ensure that your immigration documents are approved in due time.

After receiving this email, I became suspicious about the authenticity of the email. I tried to search over the internet about UNILEVER PLC SCAM, but unfortunately I found nothing, but there are few details I found on the internet that helps me conclude that this is indeed a scam.

The scammer was very prompt in replying with my emails and forwarded me to their reportedly immigration consultant. Here is the email I got from their immigration consultant.

Here are some of the the job opportunities purportedly offered by Unilever PLC:

Emigra is a truly global company, formed by the merger of immigration leaders of all continents and the internal expansion. Emigra can boast of over 60,000 successful immigration cases completed worldwide over our collective history and hundreds of years of immigration experience on staff. Emigra is now one of the largest immigration firms worldwide and a clear leader in technology and service innovation.   

We currently act for over 50 multinational corporations, taking in almost every area of commercial activity is an indication of our flexibility, adaptability and success in meeting the varied immigration needs of the corporate world's growing, diverse business immigration service needs. Our founders, principals and professional immigration talent are recognized as opinion leaders internationally. Moreover, Emigra acts exclusively as the preferred immigration services provider to international relocation companies, top ranking accounting practices and international law firms. 

This email is in reference to the application and issuance of all immigration documents required for you to legally live and work in the United Kingdom. We have been contacted by your employer, Unilever PLC in this regard and they have sent to us your Letter of Sponsorship and Employment Contract in accordance with the amendment to the Immigration, Asylum, and Nationality Act 2006, effective from 29 February 2008 which clearly stated that all employee seeking to work in the United Kingdom who are currently Non-Resident in the United Kingdom are required to provide proof of the Right to Work in the United Kingdom. Herewith are detailed information regarding the application and processing of all required immigration documents.

Your employer Unilever PLC has asked us to contact you on requisite information required to process supporting documents that would aid your travel down to your duty location to resume duties in record time. However included herewith are details and information regarding procurement of your travel documents and other supporting documents.

Unilever PLC has mandated us to procure as well as process your relevant travel documents, immigration particulars and other supporting documents to facilitate your travel to United Kingdom for commencement of work in due time. With respect to the requirements and certifications and other supporting documents to be acquired, we wish to inform you of the UK Border Agency requirements which states that all expatriates who intend to work in United Kingdom must have attained all UK Immigration Certifications in various categories with respect to their contract engagements. 

After contacting the UK Border Agency, they have provided us with some forms that you are required to complete and send back to us via scan email attachment. Stated Below are the required immigration documents that you need to obtain as to enable you live and work in the United Kingdom.

Foreign Affairs Certification - £178.00GBP
Work Permit Certification - £102.10GBP
Workers Registration Scheme - £120.10GBP
Resident Permit Certification - £60.00GBP
National Insurance - £39.00GBP

Total £499.20GBP (To be paid by you)

Please note that the cost of your Visa and Prepaid Flight Tickets has been undertaken by your employer.

This will enable us commence and finalize all your necessary registration of documents as we need to reach out to our contact in your embassy for immediate procurement of other supporting documents in record time.

As a result of time constraint for expatriates owing to the work commencement date, we ensure that you forward the information needed for the procurements of your required documents and thereafter we shall inform you on prompt.

Payment Procedures for All Permits Charges:

As regards your payment, the UK Border Agency have instructed that all payment should be made directly to them. We have attached to this email the payment procedure for all permit charges as directed by The UK Border Agency. 

This would enable us initiate procurement of requisite documents which should be through in less than two weeks time if we receive all information after which your documents (the Hard Copy of Agreement Letter, Prepaid Flight Ticket, Sponsorship Letter and all other approved documents) would be packaged and sent to you via Courier Service Speed Delivery to enable you travel down to your duty location to resume duties in record time. You will also have to indicate in your response, the convenient hours to receive package on procurement to enable us make appropriate adjustments with the Courier Service.

You will be required to scan and send immediately:

1. Proof of payment for all permit charges as stated above.
2. Application Form that is attached to this email.
3. An address reachable by courier services for documents delivery.

Note that processing of requisite documents takes 5-9 working days, and as soon it has been completed, we shall furnish to the British High Commission in your country as regard to update of schedule of your meeting with the British High Commission in your country for formal verification.

NOTE: If there is any part of this information that you do not understand perfectly, please do contact us immediately via email or contact your employer, Unilever PLC and we will get back to you Immediately with all the necessary information required.

As soon as we receive your filled forms and proof of payment, we will immediately effect the processing of your documents. Do get back to us in due time. You should also be informed that you are required to fill and send these forms within four day. We hope that you do understand the content of this email and act as instructed.

At this point, I am fully convinced that this is a scam. I tried to email Emigra and Unilever PLC, but I got no response from them. Another thing that strengthen my suspicion that this is indeed a scam is that both the email I got, they used a free domain uk.emigra@ybin.cn  and recruit.unileverplc@gmail.com. I asked myself why they are using a free domain when they are a big company.

So if ever you applied and sent your application a trecruit.unileverplc@gmail.com. Do not pursue your application as this is a SCAM!

Portable Sleep Monitoring

Portable sleep monitoring has increased in the past decade in the evaluation of patients with breathing-related sleep disorders. Multichannel monitors allow noninvasive measurement of ECG, airflow, respiratory effort, and pulse oximetry.

Sleep monitoring


■ Patients present with severe symptoms and standard polysomnography (PSG) monitoring is not available
■ Patients who cannot be studied in a traditional PSG sleep laboratory
■ Used for follow up following diagnosis by a PSG laboratory


■ No absolute contraindications exist
■ A qualified practitioner is not available for intervention (CPAP) if the study is unattended

Setting Up a Portable Sleep Monitor

1. Obtain required equipment
■ Multichannel sleep monitor
■ Disposable oximeter probe
■ Disposable airflow sensor
■ Disposable ECG leads
■ Cables/interface for monitor probes

2. Connect the monitors to the patient
■ Attach ECG leads between the clavicle and the fourth intercostal space along the midaxillary line (white on right side, black on left side)
■ Secure the respiratory effort band snuggly around the patient’s abdomen
■ Place the oximeter probe on a finger and secure it with tape
■ Place the airflow sensor on the patient’s upper lip with the probes just entering the nares (similar to a nasal cannula)
■ Attach the snore microphone adjacent to the larynx with a self-adhesive disk and reinforce its attachment with bandage tape
■ Connect the cable(s) to the monitor
■ Connect the monitor to an electrical outlet and turn on the monitor


1. No hazards/complications exist for home sleep monitoring
2. Limitations to unattended home monitoring
■ Loss of control over the sleep environment
■ Patients can engage in maladaptive sleep habits
■ Bed partners can disturb the outcome of the study
■ A qualified practitioner is not available to intervene if required
■ Higher rate of data loss due to technical/patient difficulties