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The Nurse and the Doctor's Order

It is our duty to carry out doctor's order like giving of medications and interventions essential for the clients fast recovery. We have to avoid errors in carrying out orders because this may put the patient in great danger. Everytime you received orders, always double check like asking the patients complete name. Don't just rely on the bed number or whats on the chart.

It is expected that nurses exercise reasonable judgment/ sound discretion in carrying out doctor's orders and if life of patient is endangered, liable for criminal negligence of reckless imprudence.

Telephone Orders
  • It should be accepted by the nurse only in extreme emergency. If the nurse is to receive a telephone order, the following should be done:
  • Read back the order to the doctor to ensure that the order has been correctly received.
  • Write the physician's name and one's name and sign, note the time.
  • Make sure that the ordering physician signs his name as soon as he arrives.

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