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Isolation Technique in the Home

Generally, strict isolation technique is difficult to carry out in the homes where houses are small and occupy a large number of people.

Here are some few things that needs to consider in implementing isolation technique at home:
  1. All articles used by the patient should not be mixed with the articles used by the rest of the members of the household.
  2. Frequent washing and airing of beddings and other articles and disinfection of room are imperative. Abundant use of soap, water, sunlight and some chemical disinfectants is necessary.
  3. The one caring for the sick member should be provided with a protected gown that should be used only within the room of the sick.
  4. All discharges, especially from the nose and throat of a communicable disease patient, should be carefully discarded.
  5. Articles soiled with discharges should first be boiled in water 30 minutes before laundering. Those could be burned, should be burned.

Nursing Care in the Home

Giving to the individual patient the nursing care required by his/her specific illness or trauma to help him/her reach a level of functioning at which he/she can maintain himself/herself, or die peacefully in dignity.

Principles in Nursing Care
  1. Nursing care should utilizes a medical plan of care and treatment.
  2. The performance of nursing care utilizes skills that would give maximum comfort and security to the individual.
  3. Nursing care given at home should be used as a teaching opportunity to the patient or to any responsible member of the family.
  4. The performance of nursing care should recognize dangers in the patient's over prolonged acceptance of support and comfort.
  5. Nursing care is a good opportunity for detecting abnormal signs and symptoms, observing patient's attitude towards care given and the progress exhibited by the patient.
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