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Hemophilia Nursing Care Plan (NCP)

Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder affecting the blood-clotting capability as a result of a deficiency of coagulation factor VII (hemophilia A) and factor IX (hemophilia B).

Nursing Diagnosis: Pain related to physical injuring agents of hemarthrosis caused by joint bleeding.

Expected Outcomes: Pain relieved or controlled evidenced by verbalizations that pain reduced or absent and fewer requests for analgesic.

Nursing Intervention and Rationale:
I. Asses for:
A. Pain descriptors, joint swelling, hematomas
Rationale: Provides data necessary for analgesic administration.

II. Administer:
A. Analgesic (acetaminophen, codeine); avoid Aspirin and giving injections.
Rationale: Acts to reduce pain by interfering with CNS pathways; aspirin increases bleeding tendency; prolonged bleeding may persist at injection site.

III. Perform/Provide:
A. Ice pack around joint.
Rationale: Reduces swelling and bleeding by vasoconstriction.

B. Elevate area, avoid weight bearing, rest involved joint.
Rationale: Reduces swelling and increases comfort if bleeding present.

C. Avoid excessive movement or manipulation of area when giving care
Rationale: Prevents unnecessary pain
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