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Enurse-CarePlan.com is a showcase of information about the latest trends and innovations in the field of medicine. Enurse-CarePlan has been serving audience since 2007 and has grown to become one of the top nursing/health site in the country.

Enurse-CarePlan provides up-to-date and "effective" care plans for nurses to be able to render holistic care to patients. Our site more than just a compilation of nursing care plans, it also provides ready made drug studies, case studies, practice tests and drills which can be utilize especially when preparing for an upcoming major examination like board exam and NCLEX. Almost all information pertaining to nursing education and health is readily available in this site. This is our goal! To provide fresh and current information in our field of study.

This site aims to provide updated and relevant contents to nurses to hone and further enhance your knowledge acquired in school.

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Virtually all our readers have their own blogs and websites.
50% of our readers work full time on the Internet.
Out of those who don’t work online, 90% are trying to get started.
92% of our readers were came from the search engine

Enurse-CarePlan.com hopes to live up to our commitment of serving and providing fresh contents to our audience. I also encourage readers to submit their stories to inspire other nurses to pursue this noble profession despite the global recession.